Prop C, the “Children and Families First” initiative will increase investment in our children and guarantee funding for the next 25 years – without any increase in taxes.

The “Children’s Fund” and the “Public Education Enrichment Fund” have improved the lives of a generation of children in San Francisco and with guaranteed funding about to expire we must act immediately to renew these critical funding sources.

Prop C measures are already funding programs in every neighborhood; providing sports, libraries, arts, music, health services in schools; giving children access to preschool and funding hundreds of local community organizations.

Prop C will take a holistic approach to funding for children’s and youth services in San Francisco. It will bring increased efficiency and accountability to how we approach children’s services. It combines several existing city programs to improve coordination and better serve the children and families. It creates an “Our Children, Our Families Planning Council” to develop and oversee a strategic plan for supporting San Francisco’s children and families.

Remember without your support the Children’s Fund and the Public Education Enrichment Fund will expire.

The only way to guarantee our children won’t lose $125 million funding every year, is to support Proposition C.

With your support we can continue to change the lives of children in San Francisco.

Vote yes on C.

Programs funded by Prop C:

  • Athletic coaches and PE Teachers
  • In-school music classes
  • Arts classes and supplies
  • A librarian for every school in San Francisco
  • Universal Pre-School
  • Support for children in foster care
  • After-school programs for more than 10,000 kids
  • Support for homeless youths
  • Funding for organizations like Boys and Girls clubs and local YMCAs